As an experienced speaker and alumna of The Moth, I’ve had the pleasure of presenting in a variety of settings and covering a range of topics. I sincerely enjoy the work I am doing and I’m looking forward to connecting with you to find out how I can best serve your organization.

My Commitment

My goal is to always provide an outstanding and influential speaking performance. I combine energy, compassion, storytelling, and humor to captivate audiences and drive home a point. Interactivity ensures attendees remain engaged. They will walk away with an inspiring perception of what can be achieved once they set their minds on something and practical personal strategies that will help them do it.  

What Audiences Are Saying…

“This voice of strength and power literally got me off my seat and drew me closer. She shouted out. We shouted back…and GOT it! This experience is IN my head now and will be there to remind me to do my best, focus on the positive and let the negative go.” Loretta M. Dunn, Working Class Karma/Virginia Art With Heart, Founding Member